38 Afghan Knitting Board W/ Hook Instructions Pattern

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  • Includes 38 board, hook, afghan pattern, instructions

  • Smooth kiln dried hardwood

  • 112 pins per side

  • Knitting width max 38 - 55 depending on spacers

  • Steel, ball tipped pins spaced 5/16 apart

  • Size : 38 Long

This new board from the knitting company offers you the ability to complete large projects like afghans and sweater parts. DETAILS: More pins per side for even wider knitted pieces Smooth kiln dried hardwood with recessed knitting surface Steel, ball tipped pins are spaced just 5/16 apart, center to center, which is exactly the same spacing as all other small gauge boards Bolts are steel, 3.5 long with wing nuts that make removal for adjustments very easy Board has 112 pins on each board for a total of 112 double stitches Wood spacers are adjustable to 1/2 , 1 , and 1-1/4 and require a 4 or 5 bolt for this widest adjustment Great knitting board for all your double knitting Knitting width max is 38 -55 wide depending on spacer settings Use patterns designed for all length boards Comes complete with knit hook, 4 bolts, instructions, and 1 afghan pattern The knitting board is a centuries old hand knitting tool that creates beautiful, double knit. Make cozy, warm scarves quickly and easily. A simple weave and hook process makes knitting fun and easy. The process of knitting on knitting boards originated in the 1500s in the mountain villages of Europe. The technique was passed down through the families, generation to generation. However, when the knitting machine was introduced, knitting boards all but disappeared.