Don Aslett'S Wood To Wood-Liters

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  • Restores, polishes and protects wood surfaces

  • Leaves a microscopic coating to prevent dust build up and fingerprints

  • Doesn't build up

  • Can be used on varnished wood

  • Made from Brazilian Catuaba Tree Oil

  • Color : White

Restore, polish and protect your wood! If you hate dusting, Wood to Wood may be just what you need. Wood to Wood leaves a microscopic coating that resists dust and fingerprints, but won't build up like other products. Made from the finest Brazilian Catuaba Tree Oil, Wood to Wood restores and polishes your wood surfaces. DO NOT USE ON FLOORS. Includes 2 liters. Ready to use - do not dilute Directions for use: All your wood, including varnished surfaces, may be cleaned and maintained by either spraying & wiping, or wetting a small soft cotton cloth with Wood To Wood, and spreading with left to right strokes. NEVER use circular motions! Several applications may be applied if desired. Allow adequate drying between applications. Use as often as needed to maintain and protect the beautiful natural wood finish.