Humi-Care Hx10 Crystal Gel Rectangle Humidifier

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  • automatically balances humidity level in humidor for up to 2 months

  • uses technologically advance propylene glycol to regulate humidity release

  • unique gel crystals expand when water added and contract as they release moisture

  • re-usable - can be refilled with water numerous times to continue use

  • lasts 4-5 times as long as traditional sponge humidifiers

  • Color : Blue

Humi-Care advanced technology delivers exceptional convenience and dependability with humidification.On the outside, the HX10 is ordinary, but on the inside it includes highly advanced propylene glycol gel crystals that absorb large quantities of water and automatically chemically balance the humidity level in your humidor. The gel crystals expand after absorbing water and contract when they need to be refilled.This little unit delivers convenient, hassle free humidification that you can depend on, and at a StogieBoys bargain price that you have come to depend on. With the HX10, gone are the days of frequent humidifier refills. Fill the HX10 up and it will deliver balanced humidity for weeks between refills!