Grandma'S Or Nana'S Sweethearts Plaques ( Nana Sweethearts Plaque )

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The Grandma's or Nana's Sweethearts Plaque is a wonderful way to show how much you love your grandchildren. It comes with 7 heart-shaped, chalkboard tags for you to personalize with names and hang from the 5 pegs. The Heart Tag Set is an add-on that gives you 20 additional tags for large families. Plaque, 16W x 7-7/8L. Tags, 2-1/4W x 2-1/2L, each. Wooden. Ready to hang. Plaque comes with 7 heart tags Details: Plaque, 16W x 7-7/8L Tags, 2-1/4W x 2-1/2L, each Wooden