Bac Home - Autumn Collection Soy Blend Scented Wax Melts Wax Cubes, 10.0 Oz, [24 Cubes] With Apple Maple Bourbon, Hazelnut Chai Latte, Cranberry Marmalade And Maple Tree Farm

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  • 24 scented breakaway wax cubes similar to Yankee Candle tarts, Candlecopia wax melts or Scentsy bars

  • Soy blend wax provides home fragrance for 6 to 8 hours per cube

  • Super Strong 10% Fragrance load of fall favorites, apples, campfire, maple syrup, cranberries, chai spiced latte and smooth sweet bourbon.

  • Studiously hand-poured in Vermont at a small family business

The Autumn Collection variety 4 pack wax cubes produce a sophisticated, memorable aromatic home fragrance experience when used in a wax tart melter or burner for your home or office. Apple Maple Bourbon -- Strong and sweet, it's the best way to enjoy a brisk autumn evening with hints of whiskey and delightful apples. Maple Tree Farm -- The first impressions of woodstove fires give way to the sticky sweet syrup of the majestic maple tree. Cranberry Marmalade -- Fresh berries reduced on the stove with citrus, apples and sugar, it's a holiday wax melt favorite. Hazelnut Chai Latte -- Perfectly blended spices, cinnamon, ginger, cardamon, cloves and nutmeg, this latte is everything we love about fall pumpkin spice season, but with a nutty pleasant hazelnut flavor. BAC Home wax melts are loaded with the maximum fragrance oil possible in each wax cube - over 10% oil to wax ratio. Its not triple or doubled scented wax. Its the most possible. We favor natural aromas. The strength of each scent will vary in intensity to fill from one to multiple rooms in your home or office. BAC uses a soy wax blend made from hydrogenated natural soy bean oils, a renewable and sustainable material. To promote eco awareness without compromising function, BAC incorporates the more traditional, harder paraffin wax for a stronger throw. BAC Home wax melts are phthalate-free or contain essential oils where indicated. They may be used for aromatherapy, but have no medical value. Chill to release stuck cubes. All BAC Home wax melts are handmade in a small, cold state near Canada at a small family owned business and get individual attention. There are no robots. No machines. No underpaid factory workers. Just real people passionate about scented candle wax.