16 Home Security Stickers Uv Coated W/ Reflective Hologram Layer For Windows & Doors

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  • 16 Home Alarm Stickers - Ample amount to cover all your windows and doors in your business or home

  • Reflective Hologram Layer - Sticker shines back when shined by a flashlight or car light, making it easy and obvious for intruders to see

  • Coasted with UV and Outdoor Protective Layer - Built to withstand the harsh outdoor conditions

  • Each Sticker is 3 x 2.75 inches - Big enough to be spotted by potential intruders but not cosmetically overbearing

  • Strong Adhesive - Will stick to your door or window regardless of rain, moisture and other harsh outdoor conditions

  • Color : Red

Peace of Mind is One Sticker Away CRBN alarm stickers were designed to be the most idea alarm stickers on the market with all the features any consumer would want from a home security sticker. If you are in the market for an alarm sticker you already understand that something as simple as a home security sticker and greatly reduce the chances of burglary to you home and business. However, what you may not know is what makes one alarm sticker different from the next? Designed with Intelligence We first picked the perfect size of 3 x 2.75 inches to make the sticker obvious to intruders but not overbearing cosmetically. We then applied a UV and Outdoor coating to protect the sticker from fading in the sunlight as well as withstanding other harsh outdoor elements. Your sticker is guarantee to last 5+ Years. Next we added a reflective hologram layer that with shine and reflect back when shined on by light. This makes the sticker more noticeable but also triggers a bold panic effect when viewed by possible intruders. Finally, we added strong reliable adhesive that will guarantee your alarm sticker will not fall off once stuck on. We offer 16 alarm stickers in our package giving you ample amount to fully cover all your windows and doors in your home.