50 Citronella Tealight Candles - Summer Yellow - Indoor/Outdoor - - Made In Usa

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  • VALUE PACK: This set includes 50 citronella tealight candles, will last you time a plenty.

  • REAL QUALITY: These are made with the finest wax blends so the citronella gives off its utmost effect. Candles are Infused with the highest quality of authentic citronella oil. The smell of CITRONELLA is a fresh citrus highly scented aroma.

  • These FRESHLY SCENTED YELLOW TEA LIGHT CANDLES have a real elegant appearance. Use them in your spa, near your pool, in you home and kitchen, indoors, outdoors etc. They will enhance any occasion. Burn Time: Up to 4 hours

  • Mosquitoes, bugs, and insects hate these candles!


  • Color : Yellow

CANDLE CHARISMA CITRONELLA SCENTED TEALIGHTS are made with the highest quality wax and real CITRONELLA essential oil fragrance ingredients to create a highly scented aroma. The waxes for these candles were formulated in a special blend so they give off the utmost of its heavenly scent and maximum effect. They will create the perfect atmosphere for any occasion with its glowing yellow color and general appearance. 100% Made in USA. Aside from being a wonderfully addictive citrus scent, these CITRONELLA SCENTED TEALIGHT CANDLES are the enemies of inscets and flies. Are you annoyed by mosquitoes, and bees, and bugs, you name it... Not only kids scream and shake away when these flying and crawling insects invade; we adults are just as petrified and disgusted when these come about. (We know you are ashamed to admit), never mind finding one on your own body or in your dinner plate...Ugh! Don't ruin your outdoor event, use Candle Charisma Citronella Scented Candles to keep'm all away. Always use on heat/flame resistant surface and burn within sight. Keep away from things that can catch fire and away from children and pets.