75 Wooden Chicken Coop House Rabbit Hutch Poultry Pet Cage Backyard Nest Box W/Run Yard Bestpet

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  • Material:Fir wood

  • Whole size: 74.8 x 26 x 45.7 inches

  • Egg cage size: 15.75 x 20.3 x 16.6 inches

  • Run box high: 17.3-38.2 inches

  • Weight:85.3 lbs

  • Color : Yellow

Give your backyard chickens a lovely space to call home with this coop, nesting box and backyard run in one. An inside and fenced outside area gives your chickens the ability to be choose where they want to be. A metal pull out drawer is designed for easy cleaning and the nesting box is perfect for chickens to lay eggs in. The sturdy wood construction offers enhanced durability while the treated wood surface protects against environmental damage. Features: 1.Works Great For Rabbits, Chickens, Ducks, Or Other Poultry 2.Portable And Easy Assembly 3.Removable Side And Bottom Sliding Pan Also Allows For Easy Cleaning Access 4.Green Felt Sloping Roof To Protect From Water Penetration 5.Sliding Access Door W/Ramp For Chickens To Enter And Exit 6.Supporting Roof For Easy Food/Water Access And Extract Eggs 7.Lockable Metal Slide Bolts On Door And Window 8.Living Area Completely Off The Ground 9.Locking Entrance Doors To Living Area And Nest Area 10.Ventilated Window To Living Area 11.Waterproof Roof 12.Run Area Can Be Accessed Through Hinged Door With Locking Assembly