Above Edge Ae3741 4 Tier Corner Storage Basket, White

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  • Space saver, 4 basket shelves for all detergents

  • Material: Plastic

  • Made in China

  • Perfect for the shower but works on counter tops or in cupboards as well

  • Dimensions: 14'' x 10'' x 6''

  • Color : White

Remember the last time you were in the shower? You shampooed up your hair and the suds ran into your eyes. You could barely open them because you didn't buy the no more tears brand and so you blindly groped around to find a towel to wipe your eyes dry. You nearly slipped on the soap bar lying the bottom of the tub. What a disaster! That all could have been avoided if you only had this shelf. Keeps all your bottles, soaps, and everything you need to make your shower complete in one convenient corner. Works great in other areas of the house, too! Storage is always a logistical nightmare. It's hard to keep and organize household items in an efficient and easy manner. This 4-tiered storage basket works wonders in terms of reducing clutter and enabling you to stay organized. Made from durable plastic, you can use the 4 shelves to store anything in your bathroom, laundry room, kitchen, or anywhere else. So take a stand against clutter