Air Mattress King Size - Best Choice Raised Inflatable Bed With Fitted Sheet And Bed Skirt - Built-In High Capacity Airbed Pump

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  • NO-HASSLE WARRANTY - Your purchase includes a 1-year WARRANTY and a 60-day RISK-FREE SATISFACTION GUARANTEE. If you're not completely thrilled with your air mattress, send it back for a full refund, no questions asked. We'll even pay for return shipping for the air mattress KING.

  • NO MORE BACK PAIN - Read the reviews of the Best Choice Air Mattress. You'll find that people are thrilled with the firmness of this air bed. Other inflatable beds will collapse or stretch, which offers no support for your joints. With the laminated material of the Best Choice, we have solved that problem. It not only offers a firm sleeping surface, but it also makes for a very sturdy air mattress on the edges as well.

  • BEST LOOKING AIR MATTRESS - No one will argue, The Best Choice is in fact, the best-looking air mattress out there. The stylish bed skirt and fitted top sheet is much more than a fashion statement; it provides a critical layer between you and the bed. This will keep you much warmer and keep you sleeping much deeper.

  • GETTING GOOD SLEEP IS ALL ABOUT BACK SUPPORT - This is the firmest raised inflatable bed out there, offering second to none back support. So many positive feedback letting us know how it has helped their back from hurting. We've even had customers suggest putting a simple pillow topper on top, making it the most comfortable bed in the world . Or, our favorite quote, My hip doesn't hurt anymore like when I sleep on my $1500.00 mattress .

  • IF IT LEAKS, IT'S WORTHLESS - We understand this very well. That is why we spend extra on the material. Laminated vinyl prevents the air bed from stretching too much. It is the seams of an air mattress that will break down and start to leak. Preventing the seams from over stretching will prolong the life of your air mattress. So much so, you can expect your bed to last twice as long as a regular vinyl product. You can also put over 600 lbs. on a raised air mattress queen.

  • Color : Blue

  • Size : King

We've learned a lot from our 12 years of experience in the air mattress industry, and we think we have it figured it out. We know what people look for in an airbed, things like comfort, durability, and easy storage. We also know what people don't want, things like leaky valves, lumpy surfaces, and stretchy vinyl. We've worked out these bugs and created what we feel is the best airbed on the market, all while keeping the price low for you. Whether you need a guest bed or are planning your next road trip, this bed is what you are looking for. Alternate Pinch Valve-No electricity? No problem! The pinch valve gives you another way to fill your air bed, making it versatile enough for any adventure. Accurate measurements-No one likes to order a twin- or queen-sized air bed only to find that the manufacturer has shaved off an inch or two to save on materials. With our air mattresses, that's not the case. The dimensions you see online are exactly the size your mattress will be. Storage Bag-Large enough to easily stuff your deflated air bed into, small enough to carry around easily, this bag is great for travel and storage.