Allersoft Cotton Dust Mite & Bed Bug Control Queen Pillow Protector

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  • FULLY-ZIPPED PROTECTION | Many pillow protectors only offer partial coverage without full enclosure. Allersoft ensures full coverage with a fully zipped enclosure and autolocking zipper so you can rest easy knowing you're protected from harmful bed bugs, dust mites and allergens from all ends.

  • 100% BREATHABLE COTTON | Our 100% cotton pillow protectors are woven super-tight for ultimate protection, breathability, and comfort. Ask yourself, how does it work? Aller-soft is the only truly breathable allergen barrier. Those with waterproof linings claim they are cool but how can they be? If they are claiming to stop water then air cannot pass through. This is like sleeping on vinyl where no air escapes and thus creates excessive heat when sleeping.

  • COMFORT, MEET PROTECTION | Allersoft offers a truly breathable allergen barrier with a pore size of 3-4 microns, ensuring that dust mites and allergens will not get through. With 100% breathable cotton material, this dust mite and allergy control pillow protector guarantees comfort and protection so you won't have to substitute one for the other.

  • QUALITY ASSURED, MADE IN THE USA | Unlike other products made in China and India, each Allersoft cover is quality checked, lab tested, and made in the USA so you can sleep easy knowing you're sleeping on the best.

  • HASSLE FREE, LIFETIME WARRANTY | Rest easy with our lifetime warranty on all our pillow protectors. While other hypoallergenic pillow protectors sold in large retail stores offer only 90 days of warranty, we guarantee lifetime protection, worry-free. Each product contains easy instructions and information on how replacements can be requested.

  • Color : White

  • Size : Queen

AllerSoft Cotton dust mite & allergy Queen pillow protector is the number one made allergen cover sold and has been listed under Amazons Top Sellers for years. The AllerSoft Cotton pillow protector allows you to encase your pillows and is an integral part of your allergy prevention solution. AllerSoft Cotton is one of the more recognized allergen barrier fabric names in the market and unlike the competing products, AllerSoft Cotton is made in the USA. The membrane free fabric is a patented, high construction piece of material and is an effective barrier to dust mites and allergens. There is no urethane or membrane on the back of the fabric which gives it that cool, smooth feeling you get with your best cotton sheets. It is easy care, machine wash and dry.