Aquacrest Crf-950Z Replacement For Pur Crf-950Z Pitcher Water Filter

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  • PREMIUM FILTRATION MATERIALPitcher water filters from AquaCrest use advanced coconut activated carbon and ion exchange resin to improve the water quality.

  • BETTER WATER PURITYWater filtration technology of AquaCrest ensures you to enjoy crystal clear and healthy drinking water by effectively reducing limescale, chlorine and other impurities in water.

  • 2 MONTHS' LIFETIMEEnjoy better water by replacing your water filter every 2 months.

  • COST-EFFECTIVE CHOICEWith reasonable price, the AquaCrest water filter gets the performance same as OEM without compromising quality. Also, save your wallet by no longer consuming water from plastic bottles.

  • REPLACEMENT MODEL Replacement for Pur CRF-950Z water filter

  • For use with PUR Pitcher Filters and PUR 18 Cup Water Dispenser

  • Color : White

  • Size : 3 Pack

The AQK-CRF-950Z Get clean drinking water with the 3-pack ultimate filter pitcher. It helps to remove impurities from tap water for great-tasting water. Also, it has multiple filter layers that reduce contaminants like chlorine, lead and more.The Activated carbon reduces chlorine, sediment, bad taste and odor, while the Ion exchange resin reduces lead and copper.

We recommended that the filter be replaced within 2 months.Certified by: BPA free, WQA. We focus on quality.