Better Living Products Classic Four Chamber Shower Dispenser, White,58 Oz

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  • Eliminate shower bottle clutter with a convenient four chamber dispenser

  • each chamber holds 14.5 ounces

  • Installs in minutes without tools, using waterproof silicone adhesive and 2-way tape (included)

  • Lid lifts up and chambers pop out for easy refilling

  • level indicator windows show when it's time to refill

  • Smooth, reliable Dispenser pumps have a lifetime warranty

  • Housing constructed from durable, water-resistant ABS plastic

  • Color : White

  • Size : Four Chamber

Quality designed four chamber dispenser that utilizes a 'patented pump technology' and comes with a lifetime warranty. Perfect for the kitchen, vanity, shower, laundry, garage, pool, office, restaurant, etc. The liquid is stored in three 15 oz. refillable chambers. With one or two strokes of the pump, just the right amount of shampoo, conditioner or liquid soap is dispensed. Classic Dispenser allows you to buy your favorite liquids in bulk to save money and reduce plastic consumption, which in turn will reduce the impact of all those empty plastic bottles in our landfill sites. Installs in minutes without tools using silicone and two way tape (included).