Biopedic Eco-Classic 240-Thread Count Standard Pillows,

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  • 100% cotton

  • Made in the USA and Imported

  • 4-Pack of Eco-Classic Standard Pillows

  • These standard pillows measure 20-inch by 26-inch

  • 240-Thread count cotton cover

  • Filled with lofty recycled fiber

  • NOTE: Please check SOLD BY SELLER NAME, only SOLD BY are guaranteed genuine Biopedic pillows manufactured by Soft-tex. If you order from a different seller we cannot guarantee authenticity. If Law Label does not say Soft-tex please contact Amazon immediately.

  • Color : White

  • Size : 1'8" x 2'2"

These BioPedic pillows are an all natural product assortment that addresses today's most environmentally-concerned consumers by offering design, eco-fabrics that improve overall comfort. Soft 240 thread count cotton cover with woven stripe design. Double stitched edge detail. Filled with lofty recycled fiber.