Bizond Mini Clothing Steamer For Garments, Fabric, And Draperies - Compact, Portable, Handheld For Travel And Home - No Spitting, Works At All Angles - Best Professional Iron Alternative, 6.5 Ft Cord

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  • NO SPITTING WATER AT ALL - our Electronic Pump System completely eliminates spitting water with its dry steam technology! This protects hands and fabric, prevents puddles and spills, and it can be placed on any surface without damaging it.

  • NANO POLYMER FILTER - The steamer has a NANO Polymer Filter to purify tap water, which protects the heating element from calcification and considerably prolongs the lifetime of the device. BIZOND steamers for clothes are the safest you can buy

  • QUICK & POWERFUL - The BIZOND MINI heats up within 25 sec. Thanks to the Electronic Pump System, the steam is super dry, continuous and powerful, for fast quality steaming that can even remove complex wrinkles. The bigger tank lasts up to 10min.

  • COMPACT & HANDY - as the tiniest of all handheld steamers, it can even steam horizontally and UPSIDE DOWN. Auto protection against overheating and shutdown after 30sec in standby. Vital as home garment steamer or portable steamer while traveling

  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEE 100% RISK-FREE - We're so sure you'll love our clothes steamer, you can return it with no questions asked! Whether at home or traveling, the BIZOND steamer removes wrinkles and freshens your clothes safely. 24-month warranty

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Everyone who needs the perfect look in a hurry will appreciate this little helper! Powerful and tiny, the Bizond clothing steamer will fit in your suitcase and give your clothes that glamorous look in no time! In addition, it comes with a practical bag. Not only will you look great, but you'll also smell fresh. The steam heat goes deep into the fabric and destroys bacteria without chemicals! Perfect for freshening up after a long trip.

This small personal steamer was designed for safety, so doesn't spill or spray water, doesn't leave wet footprints on your outfit, and stays cool on the outside, so you can place it on any surface without damage. It's protected against overheating when the tank is low, and it can be used with many fabrics: cotton, wool, polyester, nylon, silk, satin and more. You can even use dress steamer as shirt, suit or drapery steamer.

It's easy to hold and use, letting you ironing from ANY ANGLE. The detachable water tank generates steam very quickly - it shuts down automatically if the clothes steamer hasn't been used for 30 seconds, but grab it again, and you can resume immediately.

The Bizond ultra mini travel steamer will steam out any wrinkles, remove odors, disinfect bedding, mattresses, toys, kill germs, clean furnishings. The brush fabric steamer accessories lets the steam go even deeper, especially for draperies.

TIP #1: Never put electrical devices into water or other fluids. Keep hot steam away from skin, children and pets.
TIP #2: Bizond recommends using distilled water to prolong the product life cycle.

24 MONTH WARRANTY - 100% refund if you do not like the product. We give you the opportunity to return the item without any explanation, and get your money back without risking absolutely anything!

MINI BIZOND: 850 Watts | 110V ~ 120V | Water 100 ml | 6,5ft cable length | brush attachment