Boxlegend Clothes/T Shirt Folder Plastic 4Mm Thickness Shirt Folding Board Easy And Fast Laundry Folder Flipfold (Orange)

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  • Upgraded Thickness with Environmental PP Materials-unprecedented toughness to avoid embrittlement caused by severe climate change.

  • Professionally Design-Ventilated round hole on both garment boards to increase the folding speed and you can observe the clothing situation when folding.

  • Extremely Easy-folding and Time Saver-five simple steps in 5 seconds to make clothes folded in a neat pile and allow more valuable time on other more important things.

  • Frosted Folder Board Surface-Touch so smoothly, also to make clean easily and unafraid of sliding even folding the silk clothes.

  • Portable and light weight: unnecessary to take the folder boards apart, folding to store in a small size, which takes up very small space.

  • Color : Orange

The Fundamental Boxlegend Folder

1. Suitable for different kinds of garments:
- not only all short- and long-sleeve shirts, but also pajama, pants, dress and more, can be perfectly folded into a neat organization during short time.

2. Indispensable family tool for all people without any age limit:
- no matter a little kid unfamiliar with clothes manually-folding or an old man unable to use hands flexibly, will incredibly realize clothes folding so interesting and easily.

3. Save more room for closet, drawers and suitcase:
- Uniform and neat clothes to leave more room for other things to place and help you get rid of the clutter, which definitely provide you with a peace of mind.

4. Durable and reusable:
- high quality material itself never require any special maintenance and you will be ultra-surprised to find out that it can be used repeatedly for a long time.

5. Flower-shaped aperture at top of board:
- to allow hanging folder conveniently on your laundry room wall or back of one door and you can access it whenever you want to use.

6. Carefully-print for folding steps:
- folding steps printed on the middle board guide you to fold avoiding some mistakes so that the folding result can satisfy you better.