Bullet Face Copper Foil Tape With Double-Sided Conductive (1/4Inch X 21.8Yards)- Emi Shielding,Stained Glass,Soldering,Electrical Repairs,Slug Repellent,Paper Circuits,Grounding (1/4Inch)

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  • [CONDUCTIVE ADHESIVE] - Double-sided Conductive means both sides of this tape will carry current so whether it's soldering, grounding or minor repairs, our tape will do the job, and do it well.The tape is also ideal for transformer, mobile phone, computer, PDA, PDP, and LCD monitor, PC, copier etc

  • [PERFECT FOR STAINED GLASS MAKERS] - Our tape has strong adhesive and is a great surface for soldering onto when creating your stained glass pieces.21.8yards has quick peal paper backing, making it easier to work with and providing a neater finish

  • [GREAT FOR EDUCATION AND CRAFTS] - The tape is an ideal size for creating paper circuits, a fun and easy way to introduce children to electronics. Malleable tape with strong adhesive can be moulded to most surfaces giving unlimited potential for craft projects

  • [EMI SHIELDING]- If you want to protect your small electronics from electromagnetic interference, our highly conductive tape is the quick and easy solution

  • [BE ATTENTION !!!] - Safety overrides all else , i hope you guys do it carefully no matter where the tape will be used in

  • Size : 1/4inch


The tape has a wide variety of uses and will perform perfectly when applied in the following roles: EMI guitar shielding, slug repellent, snail repellent, soldering, stained glass, paper circuits, educational aid, electrical repairs, household repairs, bonding, grounding, decoration, craft and many more.


Each roll is 21.8yards long & 1/4 inch wide.
The tape has Dual conductivity so current will flow through both sides and the adhesive.
One side is coated with a strong adhesive which is protected by paper backing on the roll.
Tape is resistant to oxidization and discoloration.
Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Packaging list:
1 * Copper Tape with Dual Conductive