Butler Dawn Flip It Dual Sided Nylon Mesh And Cloth Kitchen Sponge, (6 Sponges)

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  • LONG LASTING: Durable sponge quality even with repeated use. Wear-resistant nylon mesh and terry cloth outlasts months of washing.

  • TWO-WAY CLEANING: Acts as nylon scrubber sponge on one side for gentle scrubbing, and terry cloth-gentle sponge on other the side is a Silverware Cleaner.

  • CONVENIENT: Ideal size of 4.75 x 3.5 x 1 for easy cleaning, with excellent suds retention and sponge quality.

  • MULTI-PURPOSE: Can be used as a dish washing sponge, non-stick cleaning sponge for chinaware, glassware, bakeware, pots, and pans as well as a non-abrasive sponge for delicate items like silverware. Also effective as a countertop cleaner, and cleaning sponge for bathroom.

  • MACHINE WASHABLE: Resistant to machine washing and easily reusable for gentle and scratch-free cleaning.

  • Size : 3-pack (6 Sponges)

Tired of replacing your Kitchen Sponge every week?

Most of us let the cost of kitchen and cleaning sponges go unnoticed. But why settle for a low quality sponge that you have to replace frequently, when you can purchase a long-lasting, high quality and multi-purpose sponge?

Butler Dawn Flip It Sponge- 2 Pack, each with 2 Nylon Mesh and Cloth Covered Sponges

This 0.8 ounce-sponge is especially designed as an effective non-stick cleaning sponge, and is a must-have for every kitchen. But it does so much more than non-stick cookware cleaning!

From your countertops, appliances and microwave to non-stick cookware, dishes, pots, pans, bakeware, glassware and plastic, this wonder-sponge is right for all! Sized at 4.75 x 3.5 x 1, it is perfect for gentle and abrasion-free cleaning.

The top quality nylon mesh on one side gently aids in scrubbing any impurities off of a surface, while the terry-covered flip side provides extra-care for cleaning the most delicate items like silverware.

Being dishwasher-safe, you can use this versatile sponge for months at a time. So put an end to your unnecessary kitchen-sponge expenditures and invest in a one-time high quality and multi-purpose flip sponge.

Order your own pack today!