Carry Laundry Bag From Handy Laundry With Shoulder Strap, Large Size 24 Inches X 36 Inches, Commercial Grade 100% Nylon And Made In The Usa - Designed For Heavy Duty Use - College Laundry Bag - Trips To Laundromat - Household Storage (Royal Blue)

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  • ID Pouch 4X 6 Pocket

  • Shoulder Strap for Easy Carrying

  • Commercial Grade Laundry Bag with cord & spring closure

  • Perfect College Laundry Bag, Carry Laundry Bag or Trip to Laundromat

  • 100% Nylon Large Size - 24 x 36, Made in USA

  • Color : Royal Blue

  • Size : 20" x 36"

Packing your laundry bag is almost like an art form of its own. You want to stuff as much as you possibly can into one bag, but not every laundry bag can handle the massive load. Fortunately, this one can. This sturdy laundry bag is made a tough yet lightweight nylon that was designed to help you carry many massive loads down hallways and up stairs for years to come. Another feature that sets ours apart from the rest is the bag's handy shoulder strap that helps distribute the weight of your laundry, so you can carry more with ease. And like most things that are made tough, this commercial-grade nylon bag was produced in the United States of America.