Charmin Ultra Strong Flushable Mega Toilet Paper, Our Longest Lasting Bathroom Tissue - 8 Super Mega Family Rolls 352, 2-Ply Sheets, Per Roll - 2,784 Sheets In Total

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  • PICK THE BRAND THAT CLEANS THE BEST: Charmin Ultra Strong toilet paper Mega Rolls, is Bigger, softer, rich textured, and of course way stronger than any other brand out there, use 4 times less and keep your family clean.

  • WAHSCLOTH LIKE TEXTURE: Charmin Ultra Strong has a 2-ply Weave texture that helps making it stronger. Charmin has taken their softness and combined it with a Weave texture, and balanced the softness and strength, to create the strongest bath tissue out there.

  • CLOG FREE AND OF COURSE SEWER AND SEPTIC SAFE: Charmin Ultra Strong Bathroom Tissue, is unscented, flushable, and it has a safe flush technology to help protect your bathroom of getting clogged, and of course your sewer and septic systems.

  • USE LESS FOR A CLEAN YOU CAN FEEL: With your purchase of this Charmin Ultra Strong supper mage rolls, you will use less than any flat-textured bargain brand. Charmin is 4X stronger when wet which means you can be confident that your family is getting clean, while still using less.

  • ENJOY THE GO WITH CHARMIN: As I said before, Charmin Ultra Strong is an ideal balance of softness and strength. All the softness you want, all the strength you need. So what are you waiting click Add to Cart now, to Enjoy the Go.

  • Size : 8 Rolls

Pick the pack that cleans better*: Charmin Ultra Strong toilet paper! Charmin Ultra Strong toilet paper 2-ply toilet paper is 4X stronger* when wet, which means you can be confident your family is getting clean while still using less. How much less? Charmin Ultra Strong cleans better, and you can use up to 4X less!* Plus, the washcloth-like texture helps clean better than the leading flat-textured bargain brand. Enjoy the Go with septic-safe Charmin Ultra Strong toilet paper. *Vs. the leading bargain brand.