Cleanbear Synthetic Rubber Gloves ,Medium Size ,11.8 Inches, 3 Pairs 3 Colors.

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  • 3 Colors: Light weight and bright color, easy to distinguish.

  • There is no noxious smell like some other brands of gloves, they feel smooth in the inside and have a nice grip.

  • They do a great job of keeping your hands dry, they are not skin tight your hands so it makes it easy to take them on and off.

  • These gloves will make it possible for you that is allergic to the combination of the water and natural liquid detergent to hand wash the dishes that are not dishwasher safe.

  • Perfect for household cleaning, dishwashing, gardening, car washing and pet care use.

  • Color : rosy, green, purple

  • Size : 11.8 in

There are five common reasons that oblige you to choose a new pair household glove.
2.Peculiar smell
4.Poor wear resistance
5.Latex allergy.

I think you should and need to know this kind of gloves below.
Synthetic rubber glove, it meets almost all of your needs.
These cleaning gloves are made from nitrile-butadiene rubber which is non-toxic, no smell, latex free, High Extensibility, tear proof and the most important to you is that they are inexpensive.