Closet Complete Premium Heavyweight, Velvet Suit Hangers Ultra-Thin, Space Saving, No-Slip, Best For Dresses, Suits & Shirts - Black, Set Of 50

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  • TAKE THE BEST CARE OF YOUR CLOTHES: These ultra soft velvety hangers are the best way to keep your ironed clothes in perfect condition, free of wrinkles and tugs.

  • SPACE SAVING HANGERS: These thin velvety hangers, with dimensions 17.9 wide by 9.6 height by 1/5 thin, are made to maximize the closet space, allowing you to keep you clothes neatly organized.

  • NON-SLIP DESIGN: The velvety anti-slip texture of these elegant hangers along with their notched shoulders ensure that your clothes will be kept in place without slipping or falling off.

  • EXTRA DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: These black hangers are made of the most durable materials and they are extra reinforced to hold up to 10 pounds, while the supreme quality velvet prevents shedding.

  • VALUE PACK OF 50 SUIT HANGERS: With this pack of 50 velvet hangers with chrome finish, you can replace all your regular hangers at once. Perfect for dresses, suits, shirts, skirts, trousers & more.

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  • Color : Black

  • Size : 50

STARTING TODAY: Breathe New Life Into Your Closet With The #1 Hanger Set By Closet Complete!

Are you sick and tired of re-organizing your clothes as they keep slipping off your hangers?

Do you hate how quickly your thoroughly ironed clothes are getting wrinkly due to your plastic hangers?

Not Anymore. Keep Your Closet Neatly Organized With The Best Velvet Hanger Set, Save Yourself Time & Effort!

Designed to make your life easier, these hangers come in an ultra thin shape to maximize the space in your closet, allowing you to store more clothes at once.

Not only can you hang more garments in your closet, but you can also rest assured that they will stay securely in place till the next use.

The contoured shoulders of these hangers and the non-slip velvet feel protect your suits' shape and fabric, while the notches hold accessories and clothes securely in place, preventing them from slipping off.

Luxurious Design & Supreme Quality Combined!

Closet Complete America's Favorite Brand brings quality, luxury and value to the care of all of your suits with the 50-piece Ultra Thin No Slip Black Velvet Suit Hanger Set.

These elegant velvety black hangers is a beautiful addition to any closet, as unlike bulky plastic hangers they look classy and stylish, a pleasure to the eye.

As for their quality? The extra reinforced, durable construction of these hangers along with their no-shed velvety materials, will never fall short of your expectations.

Note also that thanks to their great design and their beautiful packaging, these hangers are a unique present idea that anyone would appreciate!

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