Coolnice No Tie Shoelaces For Kids Funny 12Pcs - Environmentally Safe Silicone - Lazy Shoestrings - Color Of Black

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  • MAKE EVERY SHOE A SLIP-ON ONE: Forget about tying shoelaces, bending all the time and shoelaces coming loose. Now with these no tie shoelaces you have just found your peace of mind again. Transform any shoe into a slip-on shoe and enjoy endless comfort

  • HASSLE FREE NO TIE SHOE LACES: For those struggling with shoelaces coming loose all the time, these tieless shoelaces are the way to go. Just put them on in seconds and facilitate your life to the fullest. Ideal for kids, athletes and those leading an active lifestyle

  • CONFORM TO ALL YOUR DEMANDING NEEDS: Made of high quality elastic and nontoxic silicone, these non-tie shoelaces will conform to all your demanding needs. Suitable for dress fancy shoes, hiking boots, sneakers, athletic shoes, work, kids' & adult shoes, board shoes, and others

  • ELIMINATE KNOTS & ACCIDENTS: Thanks to their no tie design, these shoelaces eliminate knots and all tangled up shoelaces. No more long and tacky shoelaces. No more stepping on your loose shoelaces. No more falling accidents either. We've got you covered

  • FUN COLORFUL AWESOME SHOELACES: No tie flat shoelaces, multi-color to choose, just changing out your regular silly laces and add fun, functional and fashionable addition to your footwear

  • Color : K-Black

  • Size : Kids

Save Time, Energy & Money ... With Coolnice No Tie Shoelaces!

We all know that tying shoelaces is a highly time and energy consuming process.

What about cheaply made shoelaces that are torn apart after a while?

Wouldn't it be awesome if there was a way to stop wasting your precious time and hard earned money? That's exactly what these elastic no tie shoe laces are all about.

Happy Kids, Happy Parents! The Most Reliable & Stretchy Shoelaces Have Just Been Released!

Their flat design, waterproof nature and durable silicone craftsmanship combined, will make these no tie shoelaces, your shoes' best friends from this day.

Put a stop to the never ending loose shoelace nightmare once and for all.

Keep your children safe, minimize the tying shoelace nuisance and prevent your kids from falling because of unattended shoelaces getting caught up in their feet.

Forget about bending over, stooping or kneeling down to tie their laces.

These tieless shoe laces are beneficial not only for your kids, but for seniors and people with arthritic symptoms as well.

Plus, they are perfect for men and women as well. Make the most of your running sessions or sports activities, without worrying about shoelaces coming loose.

Why Go For Coolnice No Tie Shoelaces?

Hassle free wearing. On casual & dress shoes, sneakers, boots and more!

Waterproof, high impact, elastic, and durable silicone design.

More colors, more mixing and matching.

Hold the shoes but don't constrict your feet.

Modern, flat, cool and funky. For men, women and kids!

What are you waiting for? Get yours today, while supplies last!

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