Cresnel Queen Size Super Thick Heavy Duty Mattress Bag Fits Standard, Extra-Long, Pillow-Top Variation Durability Guarantee For Moving And Long Term Storage

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  • Super thick industrial grade mattress bag significantly stronger than typical mattress bag, guarantee to hold mattress without rip.

  • Made with premium grade, 100% new, non-recycled plastic. Durable in cold temperature and odorless in hot temperature.

  • Actual Bag Size: 60x14x104 inches (larger than all QUEEN size variations of standard, extra-long, and pillow top). The bag is designed to be slightly larger than the mattress to allow double-overlap end flap which completely cover the whole mattress.

  • New 2016 design no longer has vent hole, suitable for long term storage. The bag can be sealed tight at the end with packaging tape to keep out air, moisture and bed bugs.

  • One mattress bag per package. Please remember to also get another one for the box spring.

  • Color : Clear

  • Size : Queen

CRESNEL mattress bag is specifically made to withstand the tear and rip from moving. Our bags are significantly thicker than mattress bags sold in home improvement store. Besides thicker, our bags are made with premium grade, all new, non-recycled plastic. You can rest assure that this mattress bags will stay durable in cold winter day, and odorless in hot summer day. Many other mattress bags are made with recycled plastic and become brittle in cold temperature and emit strong odor in hot temperature. CRESNEL 100% all-new plastic mattress bags are safe and durable all season, all purpose. Money back satisfaction guarantee.