Cualfec Halloween Stickers Roll For Kids With 21 Designs - 420 Stickers

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  • 420 1.5 round paper stickers, covering with PVC, waterproof on surface

  • Assortment of designs: 1 roll for halloween monsters, 1 roll for halloween animals, 1 roll for halloween signs

  • Use as: Halloween party decorations, hand out for trick or treat, award stickers for kids, envelope seal, package seal, letter stickers, round sticker labels

  • Easy to stick on window glass, table, wall, cloths, metals, paper, and so on

  • Our stickers are non-toxic and removable. If you are not satisfied with our stickers, we will full refund you.

These stickers are designed for Halloween.

Special Note:
1. Please do not use these stickers directly on the delicate skin of children as the stickers are of
strong viscosity.
2. If you are going to use these stickers as award stickers, please do a test first, because they
may not be easily removed from rough paper surface.
3. Keep away from small children. The thin film may cling to nose and mouth and prevent