Damprid Fg92 Moisture Absorber Easy-Fill System Refill, 4-10.5-Ounce Packets

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  • Adds Extra shine to your product

  • Super absorbing system refill, convenient non spilling, easy & quick to replace, contains 10

  • Manufactured in China

  • Refill for DampRid System

  • Convenient pack loads quickly and easily without you handling the moisture absorbing chemical

  • Each lasts up to 60 days depending on temperature and conditions

  • Use 1 refill pack in the Any Room System and 2 refill packs in the Super System

  • No loose formula

  • Color : 1pc

  • Size : 4 pack

DampRid eliminates excess humidity. It helps prevent musty odors caused by excess moisture in the air to create a more comfortable home. By reducing excess humidity, DampRid helps create fresher indoor air.