Deconovo Light Beige Home Thermal Insulated Blackout Curtain 52 Inch By 84 Inch

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  • One (1) Panel Per Package,Measures 52-Inch by 84-Inch

  • Blocks out most of sunlight to any room anytime of the day,Reduce outside noise and enjoy a quiet and peaceful environment - Save on home

  • Blocks out 99 % of Sunlight to any room anytime of the day

  • Machine washable for easy care,100% Polyester100% Polyester

  • Cool down your room with our light blue curtains. Good for any home or business setting

  • Color : Light Beige

  • Size : 52x84 Inch


When you have bought Deconovo blackout curtains for your home you get the guarantee of buying the very best. You can get the Deconovo Super soft Thermal Insulated Blackout curtains in the New Sandwich Technique that will enable to block out 99.8% of sunlight. There is nothing better than a good nights sleep to enable you to wake up refreshed and feeling perfectly alright. This is how these blackout curtains really help you.

l. This solid blackout curtain is perfect for : Late sleepers, Shift workers, Seniors, Infants, parents, Students, Computer operators.

2. They ensure that even if you are a light sleeper you will not be disturbed by the sound on the streets.

3. They will stop the outside world from creeping into your private moments so you can enjoy the privacy with family members and friends to the utmost.

4. The other good thing about these curtains is that they do not attract any kind of dust or mites. This means that you will not expose your baby to dust causing allergies.

5. They are also easy to maintain and clean.

6. You can choose from different kinds of designs and lengths of curtains to offer the best for your home by visiting our store front.

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