Disposable Black Nitrile Exam Powder Free Gloves, 100 Count (Medium)

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  • Premium Quality and Strength: Thick barrier protection with textured fingertips. Nitrile is resistant to tears, cuts and chemicals

  • Comfortable and Easy Accessibility: Soft tactile sensitivity and highly elastic fit provides a snug and secure fit when wearing gloves for extended periods of time. Open, don and remove for quick and easy use

  • Non-Allergenic: Nitrile gloves are powder and latex free, and will not irritate the skin. Ideal alternative for individuals with skin sensitivity to natural rubber latex proteins or donning powder

  • All Purpose: Ambidextrous (fits left and right hands) and can be used for medical exams, food preparation and cleaning. May also be used for indoor or outdoor use

  • Color : Black

  • Size : Medium

Dealmed brand Black Nitrile, textured, industrial grade powder free gloves.Our nitrile gloves are uniquely manufactured using synthetic polymers and are more puncture resistant than natural rubber. Offering superior resistance to punctures and abrasions, they are a perfect choice for protection against a variety of chemicals. Industrial grade nitrile gloves are made from component materials which meet requirements for food contact and handling. Our medical grade nitrile gloves comply with FDA regulations. It is standard industrial grade. Great for all outdoor work. If you don't want to get your hands dirty while doing car maintainence, yard work, cleaning guns, etc. these gloves are for you. Nitrile gloves by Dealmed provide the everyday protection you need from chemicals and bacteria. These non-sterile ambidextrous gloves are puncture, tear and abrasion resistant and provide resistance to a wide variety of chemicals. They deliver the protection you need in a value pack box to save you time and money. Used by dentists, doctors and hospitals all over the county.