Elevate Essentials Pumice Stone Scouring Stick

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  • These pumice stones are great cleaners for bathroom, kitchen and toilet

  • Use them to clean and scour away lime, calcium and rust build up from the pool tile or on the spa

  • Use as a toilet cleaner

  • For Cleaning Toilet Bowl Ring Removal - Bathtub Shower Sink and Tile Cleaner - Callous Remover - Glass Cooktop Cleaner - Oven Rack Cleaner

  • Color : Grey

  • Size : 4

Versatile 100% natural pumice stones hard surface cleaning aid for ceramic tile, porcelain, concrete, brick, stone work, hard metals, hard plastics and toilet bowls. Removes stubborn lime, rust, hard water stains and paint. Pumice scouring sticks are one of the best tools to clean toilet rings. They also clean workshop and garden tools, swimming pools tile and barbecues. Safe for skin. Safe to use and store around animals. Use these pumice stones for toilet cleaning and see great results.