Frontier Complete Window Vacuum Cleaning Kit Window Washer Set Includes Squeegee, Sprayer, Microfiber Cloth And Extra-Long Extension Pole

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  • Powerful and Eco-Friendly - The cleaning kit is Eco-efficient by eliminating the need for using paper towels. The dual action of the squeegee and powerful suction will remove all cleaning water and detergent from any smooth surfaces.

  • Large Antimicrobial Water Tank - Holds up to 6 oz. of recycled water and cleaning solution when used at an angle and up to 14 oz. when used vertically. The antimicrobial tank prevents the growth of mold or mildew for a safer and cleaner home, office, car and re

  • Portable Rechargeable Vacuum - Cordless and lightweight, weighting only 2.6 lbs. It operates with a reusable Lithium battery which makes it convenient for usage in both indoors and outdoors!

  • Color : White

Want to have all your glass surfaces clean and spotless?

Frontier Window Vacuum is the perfect solution! Through design and innovation, Frontier Window Vacuum cleans your windows, mirrors, glass table tops and car wind-shields to a spotless perfection without leave a mess behind! With Frontier Window Vacuum, there is no more wet, soap-soaked rags to wash, as the water-proof vacuum unit also collects all the dirty, soap water coming off your windows. Results are guaranteed without the mess! The innovation does not end here. Frontier Window Vacuum also features the industry-leading motor unit with slow-start technology. Unlike other vacuums, the slow-start motor is designed to come onto full power gradually in order to protect the motor unit by minimizing wear and tear, thus ensuring the longevity of our products. What's in the box? Cordless Vacuum Vacuum Squeegee( Standard size) Anti-microbial Water Tank 2-pieces extension pole Spritzer and Microfiber mop AC adapter Rechargeable battery