Furniture Wax Brush/Chalk Paint Brush - 100% Natural Bristles,Rust Resistant Ferrule, Ergonomic Handle,Lightweight And Extremely Durable

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  • HANDCRAFTED FURNITURE WAX BRUSH WITH 100% NATURAL 2 BRISTLES, which have been firmly epoxied into a seamless, rust resistant ferrule. This brush is a professional quality brush made for continuous use on a regular basis, that will last many many years. Some shedding may occur until the brush settles so please follow the preparation steps in your FREE EBOOK

  • ERGONOMICALLY DESIGNED 5 - 3/8 WOODEN HANDLE offers both comfort and functionality to Home Crafters - Furniture restorers- Artists - Sign writers - Decorators - Anyone who loves to take care of their wood - Waxing protects the finish, the finish protects the wood !

  • EXTREMELY DURABLE WITH SUPER QUALITIES - is lightweight and lovely to use - feels luxurious and can cover large areas quickly making the waxing process super efficient. This is not a disposable brush but one that is made for continuous use on a regular basis

  • THE PERFECTLY DESIGNED WAX BRUSH to help give your furniture an extra durable and beautiful appearance - apply a coat of wax to your furniture to prevent your carefully applied finish coat from sustaining scratches and stains - and lend a lustrous sheen to your wood.

  • DON'T STRUGGLE WITH WAXING OR BUFFING YOUR FURNITURE WITH A CLOTH - the firm round shape of this brush will allow you to get into all those nooks and crannies and hard to reach places

  • Color : Brown

100% Natural Bristles:

This is a 100 % natural bristle brush that has been carefully designed to offer you the ultimate brush for achieving a durable and beautiful finish to your furniture restoration project.
Some shedding may occur until the brush settles properly. Please soak in water for a couple of hours/ allow to dry before first use and never leave paint to dry on bristles as that will result in excessive bristle wear. Please maintain brush properly - instructions as per eBook .

Remove the Frustration:

Take the frustration out of applying chalk paint/furniture wax to your furniture with bad quality brushes - this brush with it's natural bristles will make your project so much simpler and a much more enjoyable experience. The bristles are fairly long and flexible offering a little bounce to allow you to be expressive in your work.

Ergonomic handle, Lightweight

This brush is very comfortable to hold and very easy to work with and is the ideal size to cover large areas quickly making the chalk painting/waxing process super efficient

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