Good Living Cleaning Solutions Plastic Clothespins For Air-Drying Clothing, (12 Blue And 12 Green)

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  • SPEND LESS: Since they handle the same job as your dryer, save tons of money to put towards other bills or something for yourself.

  • USE AGAIN AND AGAIN: The clothes pins are good for multiple uses without ever rusting. Place your clothing on the line and let it dry naturally.

  • REDUCE SHRINKAGE: Since your clothing wont be subjected to the heat of the dryer, you get to worry less about shrinking by letting it dry off from the heat of the sun.

  • USES LESS ELECTRICITY AND GAS: With no need to use your dryer, this method helps to save money on your utility bills.

  • 24 PINS PER PACKAGE: Hang up each towel securely with these heavy-duty clothes pins.

  • Color : Multicolored

  • Size : 1-pack

Keeping up with laundry is an expensive endeavor. Whether you head to the Laundromat or handle it from home, your out-of-pocket costs add up. Quarters for the machines, electricity, and water supply all contribute to keeping up with your laundry on a regular basis. If you take care of the laundry for the entire household, its easy to go through softener sheets and liquid softener at a high rate, making it an essential weekly item on the shopping list. What if you could eliminate some of that cost by air-drying your clothing? With 24 pins in each package, hang up your delicates and other clothing so that you can save money on that electric bill. The plastic construction makes them resistant to rust so they can withstand long-term use. With non-slip grip on each one, your soaking towels will stay on the line without falling down. Add these clothespins to your laundry room and give your dryer time to rest.