Handy Camel Bag Clip

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  • Made for up to 4 lb. bags, no-tear design teeth won't puncture bags

  • Available in other color options

  • Made in the USA of tough polypropylene plastic

  • Also great for use on charcoal, ice melt, fertilizer, potting mix, grass seed & wood pellets

  • Color : Red

  • Size : One Size

As sheep farmers, we deal with heavy, unruly bags of feed, grain and other things like fertilizer and dog food around the house. We know that this is a universal problem for every homeowner. This innovative product allows any large bag to be re-sealed and as an extra bonus has a soft grip handle so you can stop bear-hugging bags to move them around. This product keeps the contents fresh and keeps your garage, shed or barn spill-free. And by clipping the product on an angle, you create a pour spout, allowing you to pour out the contents with control.