Handy Camel Mini Bag Clip, Green

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  • Seal up and carry small 10 lb. and under bags

  • Won't puncture a hole in the bag-no tear teeth design

  • Perfect for pet food bags, grass seed, pantry items, freezer bags and more

  • Comfortable handle makes it convenient to carry open bags

  • Ratchet closure let's you seal up thin or thicker bags

  • Color : Green

  • Size : 10.5"x1"x3.5"

As sheep farmers, we deal with heavy, unruly bags of feed, grain and other things like fertilizer and dog food around the house. We know that this is a universal problem for every homeowner. This smaller version of our innovative large Handy Camel Bag Clip allows you to re-seal smaller bags of the same things, grass seed, cat food, chips or flour in the pantry or even bags of frozen vegetables. This product keeps the contents fresh and keeps your garage, shed or pantry spill-free. And by clipping the product on an angle, you create a pour spout, allowing you to pour out the contents with control.