Hemingweigh Himalayan Natural Crystal Salt Rock Tea Light Candle Holder -

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  • 2 Pack - Hand Crafted from Natural Himalayan Salt Crystals

  • Gives a Soft Lovely Amber Color When Lit

  • Creates a Soothing and Calming Affect

  • Purifies the Atmosphere to Make the air Fresher and Healtier

  • When Heated the Himalayan Crystal Salt Naturally Ionizes the Air

  • Color : Multi-colored

  • Size : 2 Pack

2 Pack - HemingWeigh Himalayan Natural Crystal Salt Rock Tea Light Candle Holder

This HemingWeigh Himalayan Natural Crystal Salt Rock Tea Light Candle Holder is ideal for creating a soothing and relaxed atmosphere. When lit the Crystal Salt Rock Candle Holder will give off a most beautiful amber light, enveloping your room in a soft glow. Plus the natural Himalayan salt purifies the air around you by emitting a number of negative ions into surrounding atmosphere when it is heated. Not only are these Tea Light Holders beautiful and calming but they also make the air clean, fresh and healthy to live in.

Use a few to really give your room the charm and aura that you crave. Super for your home or spa. Use in the bedroom, living room, bathroom or anywhere that you wish to bring calm.

Natural salt crystal is found in ancient evaporated sea beds underneath great mountain masses, such as the Himalayas, where it has been compressed over time to form solid salt rock, with all the minerals structurally intact.

Crystal Salt Lamps emit negative Ions to their surroundings. The ionization helps combat many of the harsh elements that assail our bodies, causing us to feel unwell. Placement of our salt lamp in an area that one uses frequently can help balance the body, boost our immune system and give back lost energy. Negative ions purify the air, reducing the effects of: Dust, Bacteria, Pet Dander, Odor, Allergies, Asthma, Sinus, Fatigue and even Colds. May also relieve symptoms of Anxiety and Insomnia.