Household Essentials 130 Polyester Mesh Hosiery Wash Bag | Gently Wash Delicates In 4 Compartments

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  • 4 COMPARTMENT MESH BAG for washing socks, underwear, and other garments

  • INTERIOR DIVIDERS KEEP CLOTHES SEPERATED and help prevent tangles and knots

  • SECURE ZIPPER CLOSURE keeps clothing from falling out in washing machine

  • VERSATILE STORAGE BAG can be used to wash delicates or as a small travel bag

  • 7H x 16.5W x 7D

  • Color : White/Off-White

  • Size : 1Pack

Washing multiple delicates can often be a chore. Bags are often too small to meet the need or too big and delicates snag each other. Eliminate that problem with the sturdy, polyester mesh Hosiery Bag from Household Essentials. With four compartments separated by fine weave mesh, this ingenious bag provides individual protection to multiple items at once. Keep your delicates cared for and your own peace of mind in one load of laundry. Measures 7h x 16.5w x 7d. Item No.130.