J.S. Hanger Natural Solid Wooden Collection Slack Hanger, Wood Skirt Hangers, Natural Polished, Set Of 10

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  • Made of premium Gugertree wood

  • Full-width gripping grooves

  • Sturdy natural body, simple graceful, natural polished

  • Polished chrome swivel hook for easy access

  • Keep the garment shape with no crease

  • Color : Natural Finish

Thickness: 0.85 inch
Length: 9.8 inch

EQ01 wooden slack hanger: The hanger is made of high quality Gugertree wood, it is sturdy and smoothly, it can hang any kinds of pants and skirts without stretch marks. You can hang your pants from the waist, the cuff, or the knee. Beside the Gugertree wood, it also featured by the polished chrome hook.

About us:
J.S. Hanger is a professional provider of various high quality solid hardwood hangers, such as clothes hangers, huggable hangers, coat hanger, suit hangers, pants hangers, tie hanger, scarf hanger, belt hanger, kids hangers, dress hanger, outerwear hangers, and so on. With Sophisticated styling and practical design, J.S. Hanger makes themselves a welcome and useful addition to any closet or armoire, keeping your wardrobe in peak condition and adding warmth and sophistication to your closet decor. J.S. Hanger will keep bringing best clothing hangers to customers all over the world.