Large Laundry Bag With Adjustable Shoulder Strap, Commercial Grade 100% Nylon (30 X 40 Inches)

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  • HARD TO CARRY YOUR LAUNDRY BAG? Our Large Blue Laundry Bag Has A Reinforced, Adjustable Shoulder Strap to Make it Easier to Carry.

  • SPENDING MONEY REPLACING YOUR DAMAGED/WORN OUT LAUNDRY BAGS? We Offer A Lifetime Warranty - Imagine Never Having to Worry About Buying Another Laundry Bag Ever Again, If It Breaks Or Wears Out .... WE WILL REPLACE IT!!

  • HATE USING LAUNDRY BAGS MADE OF FLIMSY MATERIAL - Our Laundry Bag is Made of 100% Commercial Grade Nylon and is 30 inches x 40 inches.

  • WANT A LAUNDRY BAG EQUIPPED FOR ANY TASK? We Want to Ensure that Our Bag Will Suit a Variety of Needs, So We Have Made it Large Enough To Carry A Huge Pile of Clothes, But Because We Know Everyone Has Different Needs, We Offer Our Laundry Bags in Different Colors and Sizes.

  • WE LISTEN TO YOUR FEEDBACK - We Have Made Recent Improvements Based on Customer Feedback: Our Shoulder Strap is Now Adjustable And Our String Lock Now Uses the New B-Lok Technology. These Upgrades Make the Strap Comfortable for Persons of Any Height, and the B-Lok Ensures that the Bag Will Remain Closed No Matter the Weight of the Bag Contents.

  • Color : Blue

  • Size : Large

A laundry bag that is big yet easy to carry and is commercial grade. Most laundry bags cannot carry the weight that you need them to because they are made of thin nylon with poor stitching. And, if you do find a larger laundry bag, it has no shoulder strap for you to safely climb up and down stairs or haul it to and from your car. Keeble Outlets has the solution. A jumbo sized laundry bag that can carry three or four loads of laundry with ease. Produced specifically for us, our laundry bag is made of commercial grade nylon that can take the abuse of trips up and down the stairs to your washer, back and forth from your dorm room or to the laundromat and back. At Keeble Outlets we work hard to provide our customers with high quality products that are both functional and durable.