Laundry Backpack 2 Strong Shoulder Straps Wash Laundry Washing Bag For Dorm-Room Laundry Bag, 25 X 31 (Brown)

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  • 100% commercial nylon, thick and High density, tear-resistant

  • About 15 lb loading-bear capacity.

  • Measures 25 * 31

  • It is big enough for laundry storage in college dorm and family use.

  • 2 strong adjustable shoulder straps up to 40 inches, safely climb up and down stairs or haul it to and from your car.

  • Reinforcement details design for longer lifespan and durable use.

  • The bags can be hung on the wall or door with Two strengthen rings for easier storage.

  • Color : Brown

This laundry bag is highly recommended and worth to buy.

1. Usually there are 2 size laundry bag: 22 * 28 or 30 * 40, Most of customers said the former one was too small and the latter was too large. So we averaged it to 25 * 31. After testing, it is the best dimensions suitable for most people use.

2. The laundry bag usually used in college dorm, taking the clothes to laundry or home. So the loading-bear capacity is very important, we choose the 100% thicken nylon material, and sturdy adjustable shoulder straps, a reinforce ring on the top and the tear-resistant part at the bottom. After internal test, 15 lb is no problem absolutely.

3. We spent much time on the details design and produce. You will find the all joints are strengthened including the shoulder straps and the drawstrings. The bag inside edges are wrapped to guarantee the tear- resistance.

4. This sturdy bag is not only used to store laundry, but also you can take it outside as a travelling luggage bag, or gym backpack, or toys storage bag.

5. We selected 2 fashion colors, brown and army green, it is dust-resistant and both suit for girls and boys use.

TIPS: Please tie a knot after locking the drawstring to make sure the bag is tight enough.