Made In Usa!!! Cleret Ido 2 Shower Squeegee With Dual Edge Replaceable 12 Cleaning Blade

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  • 12 Super flexible, DUAL (2) wiping edges for more efficient cleaning

  • FEATHER LIGHT (3.9 oz.) for ease of use and less stress on wrist. Also less danger of injury to foot if dropped!

  • Attractive! Needn't be hidden after use

  • Includes nearly invisible, wall-mounted holder. NOTE: The holder is attached with a NON permanent adhesive that adheres best to smooth surfaces

  • No metal parts to rust or scratch surfaces

  • Color : White

In 1989, Cleret, Inc. created the worlds first shower squeegee. It was promptly hailed as one of the year's best new products and selected for inclusion in highly prestigious Smithsonian's Permanent Design Collection. Stressing design, function and quality, Cleret squeegees have become the standard by which ALL others are measured. The Cleret IDO 2 shower squeegee is simply the result of what consumers have told Cleret they wanted in a squeegee... functionality, ease of use, stylish, quality, and most important, LIGHT WEIGHT. Heavy squeegees if dropped can injury a foot or damage a shower floor. The DO 2 features dual wiping blades to get every drop on the first swipe. Unlike most squeegees, which are only effective on flat surfaces, the iDO 2's super flexible wiping blades work well on contoured surfaces as well. Used after bathing, it's the perfect tool to help prevent unsightly and unsanitary waterspotting in the bath. Use need not be limited to the bath, use it to clean any glass surface, i.e. windows, patio doors, etc. PLEASE NOTE: When opening the package the wall hanger is cleverly wrapped around the squeegee handle and it can be easy to miss. In addition, we have chosen not to use a suction cup for a holder. We haven't found one that out performs a good adhesive.