Multi-Purpose Pumice Stone Cleaning Stick W/ Handle For Toilet Bowl, Rust ,Grill & Household Cleaning

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  • Remove toilet ring, lime, rust, mold, hard water, grease and other stains without leaving any scratches in seconds

  • Shapes easily to flat or curved surfaces. Large and longer than similar products to last longer and clean better and easier

  • Works on porcelain toilet bowls, grills, griddles and any hard surface without leaving a scratch

  • Made of natural material and safe to use around children pets

  • User friendly with a comfortable handle to keep your hands clean

Keep your house spotless with this multi-purpose cleaning stone User friendly with its comfortable handle, no more gloves needed. Clean you scratches rust and lime buildup from your toilet bowl, clean you grill and griddle from oil, grease and any buildup, no chemical needed with this natural high quality material. Safe to use and won't harm you grids or toilet bowl. Safe to use on tile and any hard material. The stone will remove all difficult stains. The stone will shape itself to any size and curve, perfect size to reach all areas that needs to be cleaned. Safe for children, pets and can be reused.