Pine-Sol Multi-Surface Cleaner, Lemon Fresh Scent, Two Count Bottle, 120 Fl Oz Total

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  • Pack of two 60 fluid ounce bottles of Pine-Sol Multi-Surface Cleaner, Lemon Fresh (120 fl oz total)

  • Sealed, bundled packaging in shrink wrap for leak-free delivery to your home or office.

  • Pleasant lemon fresh scent

  • Cuts through tough stains, grease and grime

  • Leaves your home looking and smelling sparkling clean

Pine-Sol Multi-Surface Cleaner, Lemon Fresh, helps you keep your entire house clean with a pleasant Lemon Fresh scent. This multi surface cleaner cuts through the toughest stains, grease and grime. Use Pine-Sol Multi-Surface Cleaner to keep your entire home, from the kitchen to the bathroom to the garage, sparkling and smelling clean. That's the power of Pine-Sol.