Push-Button Inflatable Daydreamer Neck Pillow With Airplane Travel Packsack And Luggage Clip - Gray

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  • PUSH-BUTTON INFLATION: Inflate it in less than 60 seconds by repeatedly pushing the built-in inflation pump, or deflate within seconds by pressing the air release valve. There is no mouth-blowing required with our innovate built-in inflation pump!

  • CONTOURED NECK SUPPORT: The raised arch holds your head upright, and takes the stress off your neck and shoulders. Crafted with ergonomics in mind, this pillow will become a mainstay for airplane, car, or train travel, as well as simply relaxing at home.

  • ADJUSTABLE FIRMNESS: You can determine how soft or firm you want your neck pillow to be. Unlike memory foam or microbead pillows, the inflatable Daydreamer allows you to adjust and customize the inflation level to your exact preference-all without ever taking the pillow off your neck!

  • WASHABLE PILLOWCASE: The luxuriously soft micro-velvet pillowcase features an invisible zipper, and can be easily removed and laundered so you always travel with a fresh, clean pillow!

  • COMPACT PACKSACK WITH LUGGAGE CLIP: The pillow deflates in seconds, and easily packs into the satin-lined luxury packsack. Don't worry about packing space-the attached carabiner clip helps you clip it right onto the outside of your luggage.

  • Color : Grey

  • Size : w33cm,l33cm

Pillow Dimensions: Inflated: 11 x 11 x 3.5 Deflated in Packsack: 3.75 x 6

TRADITIONAL TRAVEL PILLOWS ARE A PAIN IN THE NECK! -They're bulky to pack -They're either too hard or too soft -They don't offer enough support to prevent neck kinks -They're too hard to clean -They're too heavy, both on your shoulders and in your bags -The fabrics are often irritating and unwashable -Inflatable pillows leave you breathless after blowing them up -Inflatable valves are gross and unsanitary We've been looking for a solution for years, and we've finally found it! THE DAYDREAMER OFFERS THE ULTIMATE SUPPORT AND TRAVEL CONVENIENCE! -It has the convenience of an inflatable without any required huffing and puffing -The inflatable design packs down into a small, lightweight packsack with a carabiner clip for packing convenience -The support level is adjustable to your individual preference (firm or soft, or somewhere in between-it can do it all) -The pillow's inflation can be adjusted WHILE wearing it! -The arched neck support keeps your neck straight and your head up -The pillowcase is removable for easy washing -The fabric is luxuriously soft micro-velvet, and the packsack is satin-lined How to use it: 1. Open black air valve cover (it *must* be open for inflation) 2. Press push button repeatedly until 80% inflated 3. Close air valve tightly 4. To deflate, open black air valve and press its center