Set Of 2 Hypoallergenic Soft And Fluffy Pillow With 100% Cotton Cover And Extra Fine Fiber / Poly Filling Dust And Mite Repellent, Standard Size, (Set Of 2)

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  • SUPERIOR COMFORT: These fiber filled pillows with 7D virgin grade 700g filling offer superior comfort by providing neck and head support in all sleeping positions. The finely tailored 233 thread count 100% cotton exterior is soft and comfortable enough to not require a pillowcase and will leave you feeling as well rested as a night in a luxurious hotel.

  • PERFECT FOR SENSITIVE SLEEPERS: Our pillows are allergen free and will will help to relive for people with allergen-related conditions thus ensuring the comfort and safety of their users for years to come.

  • SAFE AND EFFICIENT SHIPPING: Our pillows are shipped to you compress packed, creating a small and light package for shipment to your home or business. When the pillows arrive, release the plastic wrap and fluffing will begin. In 24 hours, the pillow will be fully fluffed.

  • EASY CARE: These low-maintenance pillows are antimicrobial, which means that the pillows themselves prevent the growth of mold, mites, or mildew. If and when cleaning becomes necessary or desired, the pillow may be washed in a standard washing machine using a gentle, cold cycle without bleach. They may be dried in a drier using a low tumble dry setting (please remove from drier promptly once the cycle has finished).

  • Machine washable

  • Color : White

  • Size : Set of 2 - standard

Give yourself and your family the best sleep possible!

Sleep better and wake up refreshed and rejuvenated. You'll feel the perfect combination of softness, support and firmness with these Soft and Fluffy Hypoallergenic Pillows. Made from durable and high-quality material that will never go flat and lifeless.
Featuring clean tailoring and expertly sewn hems. Constructed in Queen 20x26 size that fits most pillow covers. These pillows hold their firm shape through countless wash cycles. With these pillows, you'll drift off to dreamland before you know it.
These supreme quality filled pillows gives your bedroom a luxurious look and great comfort at the same time. Its extra fine shredded fiber filling, 100% cotton cover thread count is non-allergenic, soft and sumptuous yet perfectly firm. It's free from any allergens and irritating chemicals, offering a restful sleep even for the most sensitive sleepers. Both the filling and cover are finely-crafted surpassing all its counterparts in the bedding accessory category.
With this, you'll achieve maximum comfort in any sleeping position. Its firmness is perfect for side and back sleepers.
See the difference in the quality of your sleep as well as your mood throughout the day.
Buy now and enjoy these luxuriously soft pillows at an affordable price.
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