Slow Rising Squishies Jumbo, French Fries Scented Squeeze Easter Stress Relief Toy

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  • French Fries:4.25inch*3.15inch Color: Random

  • Environmental protection material: Polyurethane foam (PU foam), Squishy creamy flavor of slowly rising ice cream cone.

  • SUPER SLOW RISING SQUISHIES -Made of environmental material: PU foam, and it takes a while to return to its original shape and try giving a big squeeze with one hand, you will be pleasantly surprised at how slow rising this squishy is.

  • Don't let your children put these squishies into their mouth

  • Package included: 1 Piece Slow Rising Squishy French Fries(hand pillow toy)

Special warning: Children under 3 years old should be taken good care of by parents, to avoid accidental swallowing (The product is inedible).