Space Saver Vacuum Storage Bags - 15 Premium Travel Space Bags - Bag Size: Jumbo Large Xlarge & Medium - 2X Sealed Compression Plastic Bags For Clothing Storage , Clothes Bedding & Packing - Dibag

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  • 15 SPACE SAVER VACUUM STORAGE BAGS: Reclaim closet space and stop stuffing your suitcase. Now you can reduce the volume of your excess clothing & bedding by up to 75% with our premier space saver vacuum sealing storage & travel space bags.

  • 4 MEDIUM, 4 LARGE, 3 X LARGE , 1 JUMBO SPACE BAGS & FREE 3 TRAVEL ROLL UP BAGS: 4 Medium 45x57cm, 4 Large 54x85cm, 3 X Large 67x10cm , 1 Jumbo 89x122 cm & 3 Roll Up airtight vacuum bags are all included in this one huge bumper pack. Easily pack or store anything from winter clothing to duvet covers , blankets & comforters.

  • TOUGH DOUBLE SEALED BAG STOPS MOLD & BACTERIA : Our premium antimicrobial, sterile storage bags feature a secure double sealed zipper to keep bacteria, mold, germs, bugs, and moisture out. Stow the space bags in attics lofts or even cellars.

  • COMPRESSION STORAGE BAGS ARE PERFECT FOR PACKING: Now you can fit weeks worth of clothing into a single suitcase quickly and easily. Our travel space bags work with any vacuum cleaner and feature an easy turbo valve release for quick unpacking.

  • FREE 3 ROLL UP TRAVEL BAGS : Without Suction or valve these bags will allows you to remove air simply by rolling them tightly by hand.Travel bags can be used any where , so it is ideal for creating extra suitcase space when traveling.

  • Color : clear

The only product on the planet that comes with:
1. Lifetime replacement warranty.
2. Money back guarantee with no questions asked.
3. Guaranteed problem solved within 24 hours.

Lets face it: In today tight living conditions, STORAGE SPACE is at a premium. You either have to stuff your closets full of everything you own, or RENT storage space!

Forget that! Use SPACE-SAVING STORAGE BAGS instead!

Our pack comes with 15 bags of all different sizes to fit your every need! And they make everything THREE TIMES SMALLER!

Our 15 Space Saver Storage Bags Bundle includes:
1 x (89x122) cm Jumbo Vacuum Bag
3 x (67x100) cm XL Vacuum Bag
4 x (54x85) cm Large Vacuum Bag
4 x (45x57) cm Medium Large Vacuum Bag
2 x (45x57) cm Suitcase Medium Travel Roll Up Bag
1 x (34x50) cm Suitcase Small Travel Roll Up Bag

And you can fit ANYTHING and EVERYTHING in these bags! Even the biggest duvet, blanket, or giant beach towels fit snugly in these bags!

The unique Double-Zip Seal and the Triple-Seal Turbo Valve give you the absolute BEST air-tight suction and sealing power of any comparable bags like these on the market. You get every single last ounce of air out of the bags, and NONE of it seeps back in!

Other bags can't say that.

The anti-mildew, anti-microbial, anti-mold, and WATER TIGHT features make these bags the BEST overall, for any purpose and under any conditions. Insects stay out so your clothes don't get damaged!