Tillow Oversized Beach Towel With Pillow, Water-Resistant Pocket And Touch Screen Phone Pocket, Anchor Design

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  • $75.95
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  • Removable Contour Pillow for comfort and easy washing

  • Water-resistant Pocket to store valuables

  • Easily Rolled up for carrying and storage

  • Camouflaged Touch Screen Pocket for phone or media device

  • Ultra-soft cotton terry towel

  • Color : Refuse to Sink

  • Size : Oversize

The Tillow concept was born at a less than ideal day at the beach.. Have you ever been at the beach and piled up sand underneath your towel to create a headrest? Or hid your valuables under clothes when you head to the water hoping no one will steal them? Yeah, we thought so. Thus, the Tillow was conceived. The Tillow is the most convenient and comfortable solution to your beach & pool related concerns. A beach towel with a removable orthopedic foam pillow for ultimate comfort and relaxation, a touchscreen pocket for your smartphone so you can listen to music and send messages without risk of damage, and a camouflaged water-resistant storage space to keep your belongings safe from sand, water, and strangers. It also comes with a removable lounge chair belt that doubles as a carrying strap! The Tillow is the new towel. It is a perfect unique gift and an awesome travel gadget!